New Amigos Library Services Strategic Plan to 2025

At its March 1st meeting, the Amigos Board of Directors unanimously approved a new Amigos Library Services Strategic Plan to 2025.

The new plan prioritizes four goals and strategies:

  • Member-Led / Member-Centered: Member voices shape programs and services. Amigos' programs and services reflect the needs and interests of our members.
  • A Valued Partner: Amigos is a partner, first and foremost – pursuing programs and services that benefit members, partners, and the wider library community.
  • Focus on Libraries and Library Staff: Amigos supports and promotes member libraries and the growth and development of library staff.
  • Organizational Excellence: Amigos strives to create a more efficient and effective organization for Amigos members and the Amigos staff.

The Strategic Planning Committee included from the Amigos Board of Directors, Lea Briggs (committee chair), University of New Mexico Libraries; Jennifer Eldridge, Longview Public Library; Chris LeBeau, (Emerita) University of Missouri-Kansas City; and Valerie Nye, Santa Fe Community College; and from the Amigos staff, Hilary Padavan; Emily Nimsakont; Bea Ramirez; Brian Schmidt; and Miguel Figueroa.

A review of the new strategic plan and its implementation will be included in the Amigos Member Business Meeting, part of the 2022 Amigos Member Conference on May 11, 2022.