Amigos Member Colby College is 1st Purchaser of Project Muse's New Premium Plus Package

Amigos member Colby College became the first nationwide purchaser for the recently released Premium Plus Package from Project Muse. Located in Waterville, Maine, the private liberal arts college now has access to 66 journals from 33 not-for-profit scholarly publishers through the package. Subscribing to the Premium Plus enhances the breadth and depth of peer-reviewed humanities research the library is already making available via their MUSE collection subscription and is an affordable way to contribute to the sustainability of the non-profit scholarly publishers whose journals are included.

When combined with a MUSE Premium Collection subscription, a subscription to Premium Plus provides access to all but a handful of scholarly journal titles on the MUSE platform and includes access to current content for every subscription journal offered by twenty respected university presses and scholarly societies that publish multiple titles.

A subscription to the Premium Plus Package is covered by the same library-friendly license the library already has for their large MUSE collection, and delivered on a familiar, trusted platform with an intuitive, accessible, scholar-designed user interface.

Congratulations to Colby College for being the first to begin using this exciting new product.