Learn About Approaches for Your Collection Development Safety Net at Reprints Desk Webinar March 18

Webinar: Article Galaxy from Reprints Desk -- Your Collection Development Safety Net:
March 18, 2021 | 2 pm Central

"With Article Galaxy Scholar, Reprints Desk is giving the library community something we have long needed; a reliable and fully customizable content provider that sits between the subscription model and traditional interlibrary loan. This completely changes how we build and maintain our collections."
David McCaslin, Library Director, Whittier College

Since 2015, AMIGOS libraries have enjoyed discounts on document delivery service fees from Research Solutions/Reprints Desk. To date, more than 28 AMIGOS libraries have saved hundreds of thousands, while providing excellent turnaround time for their patrons seeking items not held in the library's collections.

This Spring, Research Solutions/Reprints Desk is launching a new service called Article Galaxy Scholar (AGS). It will provide ready access to scholarly content from over 30,000 journals within minutes to seconds. The first solution of its kind, AGS takes on demand document delivery further by delivering a more comprehensive workflow that enables libraries to:

  • Fill gaps in their existing collection holdings
  • Prioritize the provision of Open Access content
  • Simplify literature access workflows
  • Monitor budget and article usage
  • Improve overall user experience for library patrons
  • Reduce demand on library resources and budget

Presenter Judea D'Arnaud Interim Program Director, Content Acquisition and Resource Sharing at UC San Diego, AMIGOS members will get an overview of how AGS streamlines article acquisition workflows -- both directly and through integrations with systems such as EBSCO Discovery Service, Ex Libris' Alma & Primo, ILLiad, Tipasa and RapidILL.

"We are excited to offer a clean and simple but improved service to offer to our patrons. They will be excited to about Article Galaxy Scholar because it gives them control over requesting and they can obtain their materials quickly even during off hours."
Judea D’Arnaud, UC San Diego

If you would like to attend or have any questions please feel free to contact MDS Rep: Ashley - brizuela@amigos.org