Happy Holidays From PrivCo

Please see the below letter from Dan Gingert of PrivCo’s Academic Clients Team for their latest news:

Hello Consortial Partners!
The PrivCo Team and I are wishing you a very happy and healthy holiday season. I'm hoping that you are able to spend time with loved ones, even if it is in a more physically distanced fashion this year. I'm very much looking forward to 2021.

To close out 2020, here are just a few exciting updates from PrivCo Headquarters that I wanted to share with you:

  • We just released our PrivCo 50 Report today, highlighting the 50 most resilient private companies of 2020. (Spoiler Alert: Instacart snagged the #1 spot!). You can view and download the full rankings from the link above to share with your clients and schools that you work with. As long as they are logged into the PrivCo platform, they can click into these private company profiles directly from this report.
  • New Funding and Deal Search
    When searching specifically for a list of Venture Capital Fundings or M&A / Private Equity Deals, we have now integrated these searches directly into the platform's new look with a simple dropdown menu. When conducting a PrivCo Advanced Search, which are most often used to build lists and for discovery purposes, there are now four options to choose from (Companies, Investors, Fundings, and Deals).
  • Expanding our Coverage
    In the coming months, we will be adding an additional 200,000 private companies to the database. In addition to now providing EBITDA and Valuation Figures and additional data points for the majority of private companies covered by PrivCo, we continue to add new private company profiles to the database daily. The majority of companies in this upcoming, massive data push of 200,000 new profiles will be private companies that fall within the $1M-$10M annual revenue range.

We are always here to help you or your organizations with data projects or questions that come up in the course of research. Thank you so much for your time and for being a valued PrivCo partner going into 2021.

Please stay safe and happy holidays,