Meet Your New Amigos Staff Member: Hilary!

We are delighted to welcome Hilary Padavan as the newest member to the Amigos team. In our excitement to get to know and welcome her to the Amigos family, we recently asked Hilary to share a little about herself and here's what she would like you to know about her:

Hilary is a St. Louis, MO resident where she and her boyfriend recently purchased their first house. Even more charming than their brick home in South City, are their two adored cats: Pumpkin and Bear.

Hilary earned her BS in Psychology from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Before joining Amigos, she worked in a variety of environments from a staffing agency to nonprofits in Denver, Taos, and Houston. As Association Management Services Assistant, Hilary will be providing a diverse array of administrative, fiscal, and organizational services to library-related associations, groups of libraries, and individual member libraries.

"My passion has always lied in helping people in one way or another, so I'm thrilled to get to work in the association management department assisting library associations in a variety of different ways. I'm excited to join this amazing team and I look forward to getting to know these associations more and (hopefully) traveling to their conferences next year."