Registration is Open! Library Spaces for All Ages

Learn more about the various types of library spaces at the February 16 Amigos online conference, Library Spaces for All Ages. Lesley Farmer will kick of the conference her keynote address, "Optimizing Library Space through Data Analytics." Other exciting and informative sessions are planned.

Libraries Using Technology Become More Effective

Libraries who use electronic board management solutions for agendas, policies, work-flow, and other board materials, save thousands of dollars annually, reduce staff time, and actually increase the effectiveness of their board. Board management solutions also improve transparency in board communications, records management and maximize public access and participation.

Put Your Library in Their Pocket! Offer 24/7 Access to Your Library with a Boopsie Mobile App

Amigos members can take advantage of an additional 5% discount when having Boopsie design your mobile app.

Customized Boopsie mobile apps put all of your resources and services in one convenient place for people to access 24/7 on mobile devices. The library branded mobile apps make library services more accessible to the diverse needs of the communities they serve.